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Shabbat Message
Returning to the Mirror: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Dan Levin
SHABBAT SHUVA Rabbi Lawrence Kushner tells a story of a time he was leading some pre-school children on a tour of the synagogue.  He led the children into the sanctuary and onto the bima. Just as he was about to open the ark, the teacher informed him that they had
September 30, 2022
Shabbat Message
Aseret Yemei Teshuvah – The Ten Days of Repentance: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Dan Levin
Standing together at the foot of Mount Sinai, as the Israelites and the Holy One prepared to meet each other, the Torah teaches that “The blare of the shofar grew louder and louder. As Moses spoke, God answered him in a Voice.” As we celebrate the New Year this coming
September 23, 2022
Temple Beth El
29 Words for Elul
Over the last 29 days, during the Hebrew month of Elul, hopefully one text, social media post, Shabbat message, or song helped you gain greater insight into the Days of Awe.  A Jewish day begins at night and so as night falls, we will enter into the first day of
September 23, 2022
Shabbat Message
Yamim Noraim-Days of Awe : Shabbat Message by Rabbi Elana Rabishaw
The Days of Awe is the name that we give to the time which begins in the first minutes of Rosh HaShanah and ends with the last minutes of Yom Kippur.  The term Days of Awe is often used to describe the season between Tisha B’Av and Sukkot, however, more
September 16, 2022
Shabbat Message
Unetaneh Tokef: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
There is a story, that in the 11th Century, Rabbi Amnon of Mainz was under heavy pressure from the local archbishop to convert to Christianity. Stories like his were not unusual in the medieval period, as leaders from the Church sought to convert both Jews and Muslims, and recognized the
September 9, 2022
Press Releases
Boca Helps Ukraine Winter Coat Drive
Boca Raton, FL (September 8,  2022)  Winter is coming to Ukraine soon, and a local Palm Beach county organization, Boca Helps Ukraine plans on helping families in need there once again with a new donation drive for new or gently used warm winter coats or funds to purchase new coats.
September 8, 2022
Shabbat Message
Tekiah, Shevarim, Teruah, Tekia Gedolah: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Dan Levin
The sound of the shofar is magnetic – compelling and captivating.  I remember as a young boy moving out of my seat to sit in the aisle on Rosh HaShanah, just to get a good look at the Ba’al Tekiah – the shofar-sounder up on the bima.  According to the
September 2, 2022
Press Releases
The Antisemitism Series
Join us for special guest speakers on Anti-Semitism - The Jewish World's Biggest Names on the Problem the World has with Jews
August 26, 2022
Shabbat Message
The Month of Elul: A Time of Introspection: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Elana Rabishaw
The other day, I turned my car on to Jimmy Buffet singing the song, “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.”  The opening words were almost like Buffet was singing about this time before the High Holy Days. “I took off for a weekend last month, just to try and recall
August 26, 2022