Chanukah Ideas for the Whole Family!

Chanukah 2021 header for Temple Beth El of Boca Raton
Chanukah is always a fun time to get creative with your family.
Here are 8 ideas to celebrate this year!

LatkePalooza – A latke baking competition, each family member comes up with their own ingredients of what they think would taste good as a latke. Make enough for taste testing and then vote! A twist to this idea is for each
person to choose a topping for everyone to try, a step up from the age old sour cream vs applesauce debate!


Upcycle items to create a Chanukiah! Find items around the house that can provide creative surfaces to either glue nuts to that will hold Chanukah candles or tea lights. You could decorate an old milk jug on its side with tea lights, or wrapping canned food with decorative labels with nuts and candles on top (then you can donate the food afterwards!). Just don’t forget to create a shamash that will stand out from the others!


Listen to some Chanukah parodies (Google them!) and then write your own silly ones!


Celebrate with Temple Beth El on Friday night, December 3, at Bohemian Maccabee Rhapsody!


Go through your books to choose at least 8 to donate in honor of Chanukah.


Game Night with a “dreidel off”, complete with a bracket! Play Chanukah Tic-Tac-Toe by using washi tape to create a tic-tac-toe board on a table. Instead of Xs and Os, place a donut holes in the Xs and gelt in the Os boxes. Bounce a ping pong ball onto the board and eat the treat it bounces on. Whoever eats their treats three in a row wins!


Decorate white T-shirts together with highlighters and then replace a lamp or two with a black lightbulb, put on some groovy Chanukah music after lighting candles for a glow in the dark dance party together.


Dress up yourselves and your table for a Fancy Schmancy Chanukah dinner. Speak with accents and use every manner you have for a posh and silly evening together. Pull out your good china, create Chanukah themed centerpieces and decorations to create the ambiance.

Chag Chanukah Sameach from the
Temple Beth El Religious School Team!
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