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BOFTY Board Applications

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

BOFTY Board for the 2023/2024 School Year

BOFTY has been an historic establishment here at Temple Beth El serving as a one of many chapters to NFTY-STR, The Reform Jewish Youth Movements – Southern Tropical Region. As NFTY is putting work into building a future it is time we reintroduce BOFTY, to be a strong local presence of teen leadership. BOFTY’s objectives for the 2023-2024 school year will be as follows:

  1. Plan and execute the “BOFTY Happy Hour” (dinner and social activity) occurring every other Tuesday, on high school nights, over the course of the year
  2. Conducting regular monthly board meetings.
  3. Collaborate, plan, and execute NFTY-STR home hosted weekend with BISY March 1-3, 2024
  4. Support Camp Jenny
    1. Promote Camp Jenny Programs
    2. Recruit teens to staff at Camp Jenny
    3. Fundraise for Camp Jenny
    4. Host at least one collective community fundraiser
    5. Individual fundraising for Camp Jenny staff
  5. Promote and participate in NFTY and NFTY-STR programs
  6. Promote and support other teen programs at Temple Beth El

To execute BOFTY’s objectives we will be forming an Executive Board. The positions for next year’s board as established by the BOFTY’s Constitution are: President, Programing Vice President, Social Action Vice President, Religious and Cultural Vice President, Communications Vice President, Membership Vice President, Fundraising and Financial Vice President (FFVP), and 9th Grade Representative.


President – Supervises the other members of the board, oversees board member’s work responsibilities, calls and presides over all board meetings, and corresponds with the Temple Beth El advisor and the NFTY region.

Programming Vice President (PVP) – Responsible of developing programming through the year.

Social Action Vice President (SAVP) – Makes us all aware of the social issues in our community, the Reform movement, and NFTY. Responsible for social action programming for the TYG.  This position chairs the annual Camp Jenny fundraiser.

Religious and Cultural Vice President (RCVP) – Responsible for all the rituals and traditions that Reform Judaism holds, and conveys them in an interesting and creative manner with help from clergy. Oversees the services and programs.

Communication Vice President (CVP) – Responsible for communicating and advertising all programs and events.  Able to make graphics/flyers and should be adept at using various platforms of social media to reach their peers. Responsible for taking pictures at all events.

Membership Vice President (MVP) – Enhances and develops the youth group’s membership.  Responsible for ensuring all participants feel welcome at all events.

Fundraising and Financial Vice President (FFVP) –Responsible for creating and implementing fundraisers for BOFTY.  The funds raised can be used for but not limited to program scholarships, to offset the cost of events, and to purchase BOFTY supplies.  Assists the board and adult leadership when making financial decisions and will be kept informed of the BOFTY budget.

9th Grade Representative – Liaison between the members of the 9th grade class and the TYG.  Enhances areas of the youth group that his or her peers are most interested in.

Intent and process to seek a 2024 Board Position

Anyone who is a member of Temple Beth El of Boca Raton, and entering 8th-12th grade, is eligible to seek BOFTY office.

Step 1:

All candidates must fill out the board application in full and return to our Teen Engagement Specialist, Ross Glinkenhouse, [email protected],  no later than Friday, June 2.  Forms must be signed by the candidate, and their parent or guardian. The Teen Engagement Specialist will sign off after the teen interview.

Both your signature and that of your parent/guardian indicates an understanding of the responsibilities of the office you are seeking, as well as your parent’s or guardian’s approval for you to seek office. There are both financial and time commitments that are required in serving on the BOFTY Board.

The following events/meetings are mandatory:

  • Participation in the weekend Board Retreat in August.
  • Monthly board meetings, Tuesdays 5:00pm
  • All High School Tuesday night dinners including the Social Activity
  • Attendance at the majority of NFTY Regional/Subregional Programming
  • Programming provided by Beth El Teens

Step 2:

Submit a letter of recommendation from a NON-TEMPLE EMPLOYEE that reflects on your leadership abilities. Due Tuesday, June 6.

Step 3:

15 minute meeting with Ross Glinkenhouse before Tuesday, June 6.

Step 4:

Create a video introduction, which will be distributed to the Nomination Committee. This video should include a description of your leadership qualifications, your reasons for seeking office, and your goals for BOFTY as they relate to the office you seek.  This video should not exceed two minutes and should be sent to Ross via Google Drive. By Friday, June 2.

Step 5:

Below are instructions of what each position requires a candidate to do. Please create a Google Doc with the assignment below and share to [email protected].

President: Create a list of your top 3 goals for BOFTY in the 2024 program year. Each goal should be explained why one of your goals and suggestions on how you might reach each goal.

Programming VP: Create a 30-minute program that we would do on a Tuesday evening with other high school students. The program can be social, social action, Judaic, etc. The possibilities are endless, be creative and have fun!

Social Action VP: Create a new social action program or initiative for BOFTY to take part in AND/OR create a program for a Camp Jenny fundraiser.

Religious and Cultural VP: Create a Judaic program or program which incorporates Jewish values.

Communications VP: Create an event graphic 1920x1080p for a Tuesday BOFTY program and a t-shirt design.

Membership VP: Write an innovative mixer and an “elevator speech” (30-45 seconds) of how you would try to get someone to come to a BOFTY event.

Fundraising and Financial VP: Create a fundraising event/program to raise funds for BOFTY.

9th Grade Representative: Give an example of how you would get BOFTY and non-BOFTY members to come to meetings and events. How would you reach out to new TBE members and those who are not already engaged in BOFTY?

Step 6:

Positions will be selected by a Nomination Committee made up of current high school seniors, Heather Erez, Ross Glinkenhouse, Rabbi Greg Weisman, and Danielle Butler (VP of Education on the Board of Trustees). As teens are selected for positions we will call and see if you accept the position, you have been nominated for. When we create a full slate we will email all teens at Temple Beth El to vote on the slate as a whole.

If you have any questions about anything do not hesitate to reach out to Ross Glinkenhouse.

Step 1 Application


Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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