Annual Appeal

The High Holy Days begin on Saturday, August 28, 2021 with Selichot.
Erev Rosh HaShanah begins Monday, September 6, 2021.

The Way Forward

Last year, because of you, we were able to accomplish an audacious annual giving goal of $1,000,000. The “Chai-Line to Healing” collected over 900 donations and infused Temple Beth El and its most vulnerable members with critical and timely relief.

As gifts came in, resources were allocated where they were needed most. We provided sustenance to men, women and children of all ages who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to put food on their tables or keep their pantries stocked. We saved numerous individuals and families from foreclosures and evictions. We made it through this most difficult time because we came together. Together, we are stronger. And together, we go forward.

The way forward now that we are healing…
The way forward now that we are reopening…
The way forward to a brighter future….

Temple Beth El started its 2020-2021 year facing unprecedented challenges, and a future plagued with uncertainty. Together, our Temple Beth El family combatted a worldwide pandemic through its love for temple, Torah and each other.

The Way Forward for Temple Beth El is one where we can finally start coming together, in person, to worship, strengthen our spiritual connections, and support the congregation that innovated, illuminated and connected us during a time of isolation and darkness. 

The Way Forward starts with you.

This year, we estimate that OVER 350 HOUSEHOLDS will turn to Temple Beth El in their darkest hours to sustain them. We refuse to turn any of them away. 

This year, the way forward is one of higher cost, as we seek to provide a deeply meaningful and engaging experiences both in person and online.

This year, we are committed to enhancing the quality of our education, our programming, our social justice efforts, and the outreach beyond our walls while keeping our Membership Fee- Congregational Commitment the same.

Temple Beth El’s way forward starts with your support.

This is our obligation. This is our way. This is The Way Forward.