High Holy Day 2021 Hosted by Temple Beth El from Boca Raton

Annual Appeal
High Holy Days 2022 | 5783

L'Shana Tova!

Welcome to High Holy Days at Temple Beth El, located in Boca Raton! We are so excited to celebrate with you, either virtually or in person.

Rosh HaShanah begins in the evening of Sunday, September 25.

In a Moment's Notice

In a moment’s notice, life can change.

Sudden sickness, tragic loss, heartache, financial distress, spiritual unrest… Moments that can change your life forever. Moments that nobody is ready for, yet everyone must endure.

This is when people look to Temple Beth El. And we must be there to help.

For those of you who are able, this year’s Annual Appeal, “In a Moment’s Notice,” is your chance to strengthen our Temple Beth El community with the critical resources needed to help vulnerable members navigate through the most challenging moments of their lives.

This year, we estimate that OVER 300 HOUSEHOLDS will turn to Temple Beth El in their darkest hours for spiritual sustenance and support. We refuse to turn any of them away in their moment of need.

We are all vulnerable to the hardships that life throws our way.  Although the challenges we face may differ, one thing remains the same… Temple Beth El will be there for you in a moment’s notice.