High Holy Day 2021 Hosted by Temple Beth El from Boca Raton

Annual Appeal
High Holy Days 2024 | 5785

L'Shana Tova!

Welcome to High Holy Days at Temple Beth El! We are so excited to celebrate with you.
Rosh HaShanah begins the evening of Wednesday, October 2.

New This Year!

All Congregational Worship & Family Participation Services will be held at Temple Beth El. Young Children’s Services will be held on Rosh HaShanah at Temple Beth El, and on Yom Kippur at FAU’s Friedberg Auditorium. Click here for more information.

Annual Appeal - The 10 Commitments

As Jews, we are guided by a series of commandments, duties we take upon ourselves that not only enrich our individual lives, but that teach us how to repair all that is broken in our world.

Judaism matters.

The Torah teaches that how we take care of ourselves matters.

And how we take care of each other matters even more.

Temple Beth El is an extended Jewish family – a community where we push each other to live better lives, and where we work tirelessly to care for each other. We belong to this congregation because we are committed to setting a high bar for ourselves, because we want to grow our spirituality, and because we want to ensure we teach our children how vitally important it is that they know and do good.

This year, Temple Beth El looks to uphold a series of commitments, not coincidentally, ten of them. Your generous support of the Annual Appeal allows us to uphold and solidify them.

For us to solidify our ten commitments, there is one commitment needed – Yours.