K-Teen Curriculum

Starting in Kindergarten, our students will build the foundation to help them grow to be literate and confident Jewish adults who find meaning in their identity and their tradition. The earlier they start to learn, the stronger their knowledge and connection to Judaism will be. 

Our Mission

Chagim: Shabbat and Holidays – Shabbat and the Jewish holidays provide a framework to experience the holiness in the flow of time each year. The traditions and mitzvot of each holiday celebration connect me to God, the Jewish People, and Israel.

Am Yisrael and Tikkun Olam: My Jewish Identity –  Each individual Jewish voice can find deep meaning and purpose through engagement in Jewish life and community. Jewish responsibility to make the world whole lies in each person’s own talents, as it is written in the Torah that each person was created, b’tzelem elohim, in the image of God.

K’lal Yisrael: Jewish History and Community – The history of the Jewish people played a key role in the creation of Israel, Jewish life and the Jewish community as it exists today.   

Talmud Torah: Jewish Literature – The Torah provides the origin story and purpose of the Jewish People and inspires the holiness of our connection with God. Lifelong learning of the Torah and Jewish texts fuel the Jewish People’s mission to be partners with God through our deeds and actions.

Ivrit: Hebrew – Modern Hebrew connects me to the greater Jewish people as well as traditions in Judaism. 

T’fillah: Prayer and Lifecycle – Prayer is the mode and language that can help deepen my relationship with God and my spiritual self while it connects me to the Jewish People.  

Eretz Yisrael: Israel – Israel is the Jewish homeland and is a part of Judaism’s history, past and present.

These big ideas will be taught through these types learning experiences in and out of classroom:

Community celebrations – Building relationships in the Jewish community makes me feel connected and part of a people. Participation in services and community wide celebrations bring Judaism to life.

Family Education – Whole family learning fosters Jewish life in the home.

Hands on learning experiences– Judaism in action shows me how Jewish values are enacted daily.


Youth Group activities

New Learning and Leadership Opportunities for Teens

*Teens who enroll in a Tuesday evening course are eligible to participate in Beyachad Teen for no extra cost.

7th-8th Grades

Mitzvot and Middot – Students will learn more about the Jewish Laws (mitzvot) and values (middot) and how they are brought forth in our lives today as a Reform Jewish community. Starts August 24, 2021.

9th Grade

The American Reform Jewish Experience – Reform Judaism is in many ways uniquely American. This course will explore our experience in America, with special attention on our communal life intersecting with Christians, Muslims and Orthodox Jews in our community. We will have a special focus on the uniquenesses of living in South Florida and what opportunities and challenges that presents.

10th Grade

Confirmation – Meeting weekly, these students will delve into their own relationships with God, Israel and Judaism with Rabbi Dan Levin. This course culminates in a confirmation ceremony at the end of the year. Starts August 24, 2021.

11th-12th Grades

Anti-Semitism Then and Now / Israel – A new 2 year looping curriculum created in partnership with March of the Living educators from South Palm Beach County, students will spend one year studying the rise of Anti-Semitism leading to the Holocaust until today and the second year they explore Israeli history from 1948 until today. Students who are enrolled in this course and attend the March of the Living trip will automatically receive a $1000 stipend toward their trip. Starts August 31, 2021.

Beyachad Teen

For 9th-12th Graders and their parents – 6 Sunday evening sessions throughout the year that teens attend with a parent. Each session delving into topics that affect our families with teens, such as substance abuse, suicide and depression, death, social pressure, and more. Taught by clergy, experts in the field and our education staff, thought provoking and relevant conversations will create a structure for parents and teens to have these tough conversations as they gain more tools not only to help their own family, but teens in our community. Starts October 3, 2021.

Ivrit: Hebrew Program Kindergarten through Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Hebrew Through Movement – Every year, small groups of students will work with a natvie Hebrew speaker to comprehend and speak Modern Hebrew. Listening and speaking builds a foundation of familiarity with the sound and flow of the language, making it an easier transition to reading Hebrew as they begin their more formal Bar/Bat Mitzvah training. 

T’fillah – Clergy will lead us through prayers in Hebrew, weekly as a community. Students gain familiarity with melodies, sanctuary behavior, and the general flow of a service while following along in Hebrew together on a large screen. Each of the Hebrew prayers we recite are included in their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. 

Jewish Life Vocabulary – Every week, new Hebrew or Yiddush phrases that are a part of our Jewish communal lexicon, will be introduced to our students. These phrases will enhance a student’s experience within the Jewish community.

One on One Tutoring – About a year before the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date, students will be paired with a tutor for one on one tutoring to prepare for their ceremony. They will learn to decode Hebrew (be able to sound out and read words), perfect prayers, and chant their Torah and Haftarah portions.