Virtual event marks 75th anniversary of Nuremberg Trials’ conclusion
Rabbi Jessica Spitalnic Mates with the Blue Books from the Nuremberg Trials

Oct. 1 marks 75 years since the end of the Nuremberg Trials of the Nazis after World War II.

As part of its Project Nuremberg virtual program, Temple Beth El of Boca Raton will mark the anniversary by partnering with American Friends of the Hebrew University to present “Keeping Alive the Lessons of the Nuremberg Trials” with University of London law professor Philippe Sands as featured speaker at 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 3.

Sands, who is an author and considered to be an expert in the field of Holocaust study and the Nuremberg Trials, will spearhead a discussion tying in lessons from history that are considered relevant today. He will be joined in conversation during the upcoming Zoom event with Rabbi Jessica Spitalnic Mates of Temple Beth El and three representatives from Hebrew University: dean of law Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir, professor Yuval Shany and assistant professor Renana Keydar.

Mates said regarding Sands, “I think there’s no better speaker in the world for us to expose our audiences to about the importance of understanding the way the Nazis operated, and how they were tried, treated and often hid after the war for refuge.”

“Even after 1945, there’s still disturbing things that happened with Nazis being aided and helped,” Mates continued. “It’s important to understand the legacy of how the Nazis were tried and not tried.”

Leslie Viselman, associate executive director for AFHU’s Southeast Region, said, “We’re hoping to share the reminder of the Holocaust and the Nuremberg Trials, and their legacy in the upcoming webinar.”

Sands will discuss how the Holocaust and the Nuremberg Trials laid the foundation for modern concepts of genocide, war crimes, human rights and international justice; 21st century challenges facing a world in conflict; and how legal practice and scholarship continue to effect profound change.

“I am absolutely delighted to be working with Temple Beth El, the AFHU and friends at Hebrew University in marking the 75th anniversary of the moment of singular importance represented by the judgment of the famous Nuremberg trial,” Sands said in a news release.

Everyone is welcomed to view the event. Fee is $36 per person and registration is required. Participants will receive a copy of Sands’ latest book, “The Ratline: The Exalted Life and Mysterious Death of a Nazi Fugitive” shipped to them. CLE credits will be applied to Florida lawyers, pending approval.

Visit tbeboca.org/events to register, or call 561-391-8900 for more information.

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