Rabbi Greg Weisman

Rabbi Greg Weisman, Temple Beth El of Boca Raton
Rabbi Greg Weisman

Rabbi Greg Weisman has served Temple Beth El since 2013. An educator at heart, Rabbi Weisman has centered his work around teaching and developing relationships across the congregation, bringing a renewed passion for Jewish life and community. He is actively engaged in our Early Learning Center, Religious School, and adult education programming, as well as the Temple’s Brotherhood. He has led the congregation towards becoming a more diverse and inclusive community, having created a Racial Equity Leadership Team and an LGBTQ+ Task Force within the congregation. The racial equity initiative is an outgrowth of his work with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (the RAC), where he served as a Balfour Brickner Clergy Fellow and currently serves on the leadership team of RAC-Florida. Rabbi Greg Weisman has guided the congregation in learning opportunities, building relationships with local communities of color, and led a Civil Rights Journey through the Deep South.

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Shabbat Message
Spies of Pride – Sh’Lach L’Cha: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
Today is the 55th anniversary of Stonewall. On that night in New York’s Greenwich Village, confronting the frequent threat of a police raid, patrons resisted efforts to be taken into custody. Scuffles turned into pushing and folks being knocked to the ground. Those who saw that grew incensed, who then
June 28, 2024
Banding Together In Loneliness: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
Like many of you, I have struggled with a mix of emotions during the months since October 7. What began with horror and dismay as the first images began to spread turned to anger and rage that our sisters and brothers in Israel could be so brutally treated. Those emotions
May 31, 2024
To Stay Silent: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
As if there wasn’t enough already, more tragedy befell the Gaza Strip this week. Seven brave souls, inspired to confront one of the most pressing humanitarian crises in a generation, were struck down in a horrible, heartbreaking accident. The memory of the aid workers from World Central Kitchen (WCK) should
April 5, 2024
Shabbat Message
L’Dor VaDor- No Child Left Behind: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
Four hundred rabbis walk into a room… That might sound like the beginning of a [bad] joke, but it’s actually something that happened this week, as the Central Conference of American Rabbis held its annual convention in Philadelphia. As a member of the CCAR, I had the opportunity to reconnect
March 15, 2024
Shabbat Message
Terumah: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
Growing up in Chicago, home of United Airlines, I was exposed to George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” from a young age. I would hear it on TV commercials, radio spots, and walking through the corridors of O’Hare Airport. Its energetic mix of orchestral and piano sounds, rising and falling tempos,
February 16, 2024
Shabbat Message
And The Youth Shall See Visions: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
It was back to school week this week. After two weeks of hanging out on the couch, or family vacations, or going with parents to work, our kids dragged themselves out of their beds and into our community’s schools this week. And the parents rejoiced. Don’t get me wrong- having
January 12, 2024
Shabbat Message
Endings and Beginnings: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
With a coincidental lining up of the calendars, the Jewish community is reading the end of the Book of Genesis this week as the secular world prepares for the end of 2023. One of the benefits of being a Jew in our place and time is our ability and opportunity
December 29, 2023
Shabbat Message
The Power to Influence: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
I spent the week of Thanksgiving in the Chicago suburbs, spending time with my family and seeing some old friends. I hadn’t been to Chicago during this time of the year in many, many years. I was ready for the cooler weather, which pleasantly, was chilly but more than bearable.
December 8, 2023
Shabbat Message
Chayei Sarah-Veteran’s Day-Kristallnacht: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
This week we marked two tragic commemorations for our people. Today, November 10, is Kristallnacht, the anniversary of the Night of Broken Glass, when on November 9 and 10, 1938, Nazis unleashed violence on the Jewish population in Germany. Property was destroyed, businesses and homes were burned, and tens of
November 10, 2023
Shabbat Message
B’reishit: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
“I lift my eyes to the mountain. Where does my help come from?”                                                                          
October 13, 2023