Legacy Giving

A Lasting Jewish Impact is Well Within Your Reach.

What is Legacy Giving?

Legacy Giving is when you include Temple Beth El in your financial plans so that a portion of your estate benefits the Temple upon your passing. The Temple does not receive any money until that time.

I'm not wealthy, are legacy gifts right for me?

Your participation is possible, no matter what your income or estate value. A legacy gift has no impact on your current finances or lifestyle. The gift is effective upon the distribution of your estate.

How do I become part of the Beth El Lasting Legacy Society?

Leaving a legacy is simple, and there are many options. Consider naming the Temple as a beneficiary for a set figure or percentage of your will, life insurance policy, IRA or pension funds, cash or assets.  Once you do, you will be a member of the Beth El Lasting Legacy Society,  a special group that is celebrated and publicly acknowledged for your lasting commitment to Temple Beth El. 

Temple Beth El’s Legacy Giving is in  partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s Create A Jewish Legacy Foundation, which assists communities in promoting  after-lifetime giving to benefit local Jewish organizations.

If you are interested in making a legacy gift, or have already included Temple Beth El in your plans, please call us at 561-391-8900 to discuss your options.