K-12 Curriculum

Welcome to the Tribe!

Starting in Kindergarten and continuing through high school, our students will build the foundation to help them grow to be literate and confident Jewish adults who find meaning in their identity and their tradition. The earlier they start to learn, the stronger their knowledge and connection to Judaism will be. 

At Temple Beth El Religious School, each grade level has a tribe name, based on the 12 Tribes of Israel. This tribe name will stay with that group of students as they progress through the grades. Students sit with their tribe at Tefillah on Sunday mornings, and when they get together for youth group events throughout the year.

Each year, on the last day of school, high school seniors “give” their tribe name to the kindergarteners moving up to 1st grade, passing on the tribe tradition for the next generation of students. This festive ceremony and tribe events throughout the year help create a memorable bond between students, their synagogue and their Jewish heritage.

Learning Hebrew

Kindergarten Through Bar/Bat mitzvah

Our goal is to integrate Hebrew into every aspect of our program. Starting in kindergarten with Hebrew Through Movement up through an intensive Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation, students will be learning both modern-day Hebrew, and Hebrew used in prayers. Students will feel well prepared for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, and able to use this knowledge throughout their lives.

Our Curriculum Highlights

Chagim: Shabbat and Holidays

Shabbat and the Jewish holidays provide a framework to experience the holiness in the flow of time each year. The traditions and mitzvot of each holiday celebration connect me to God, the Jewish People, and Israel.

Am Yisrael and Tikkun Olam: My Jewish Identity

Each individual Jewish voice can find deep meaning and purpose through engagement in Jewish life and community. Jewish responsibility to make the world whole lies in each person’s own talents, as it is written in the Torah that each person was created, b’tzelem elohim, in the image of God.

K'lal Yisrael: Jewish History and Community

The history of the Jewish people played a key role in the creation of Israel, Jewish life and the Jewish community as it exists today.   

Talmud Torah: Jewish Literature

The Torah provides the origin story and purpose of the Jewish People and inspires the holiness of our connection with God. Lifelong learning of the Torah and Jewish texts fuel the Jewish People’s mission to be partners with God through our deeds and actions.

Ivrit: Hebrew

Modern Hebrew connects me to the greater Jewish people as well as traditions in Judaism. 

T'fillah: Prayer and Lifecycle

Prayer is the mode and language that can help deepen my relationship with God and my spiritual self while it connects me to the Jewish People. 

Eretz Yisrael: Israel

Israel is the Jewish homeland and is a part of Judaism’s history, past and present.

Post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Education

Our Religious School program is designed to take our students through the end of high school, by teaching about Jewish perspectives on topics relevant to their lives.

8th Grade: Mussar

Students will learn about Mussar, a practical and inspiring Jewish spiritual tradition, that will help them be a better person one character trait at a time. 

9th Grade: The American Reform jewish Experience

This course will explore our experience as Reform Jews in America, with special focus on the uniqueness of living in South Florida and what opportunities and challenges that presents.

10th Grade: Confirmation

Meeting weekly, these students will delve into their own relationships with God, Israel and Judaism with Rabbi Dan Levin.

11th - 12th Grades: Antisemitism & Israel

Students will spend one year studying the rise of antisemitism leading to the Holocaust until today. The second year will explore Israeli history from 1948 until today.

Beyachad Teen: Learning with Your Teens

8th – 12th graders are accompanied with a parent for select evenings each semester. Each Beyachad Teen session delves into tough topics that affect our families with teens. Taught by clergy, experts in the field and our education staff, these sessions facilitate thought-provoking and relevant discussions, and create a structure for parents and teens to have tough conversations.

Learning Comes to Life
Both In and Out of the Classroom
Community Celebrations

Building relationships in the Jewish community makes me feel connected and part of a people. Participation in services and community-wide celebrations bring Judaism to life. Whether it’s Temple Beth El‘s signature Chanukah Under the Stars event at Mizner Park or a community candle lighting, we love bringing the whole community together to live a Jewish life.

Family Education

The family is the single most important influence on Jewish identity development. Whole family learning fosters Jewish life in the home. On certain days throughout the year, families are invited to join with their students for a shared experience, learning from our teachers, clergy and from one another. Beyachad, meaning together, is also another opportunity for family education, where adults and children learn side-by-side.

Hands-on Learning Experiences

Judaism in action shows how Jewish values are enacted daily. Sharing holidays in public spaces, helping the community through social action or participating in Shabbat and holiday services all bring Judaism to life.