Brotherhood: Men's Humor "Seder"
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Jews have contributed considerably to comedy over the years so we’ve decided to try something a little different and host a Humor “Seder” on Thursday, April 14.  Think of it as a pre-gaming the Passover holiday and getting in a few laughs before we go into Matzo lockdown! Featuring comedian Danny “DTJ” Fineman.


Danny “DTJ” Fineman has been performing stand up comedy for just over 6 years in South Florida.

His brand of comedy examines real life from the perspective of a middle-aged father and husband.  Danny takes everyday life experiences and turns them upside down to shake out the funny.  He also examines what it means to be “Jew-ish.”  In a world full of craziness and division, Danny brings us back together with humor focused on family, friendship and the everyday shared experiences of those in his orbit.