Kulanu Chavurot

Kulanu Chavurot is a Hebrew phrase: kulanu meaning “all of us” and chavurot meaning “groups of friends”.

Are you looking for a fun way to meet people and make friends within our temple community?
Join a Chavurah!

A Chavurah is a small group of Temple Beth El members who get together regularly for both social and Jewish activities to make connections, create friendships and have a great time! Our Chavurot bring people together based on their similarities like life stages, ages, or even children’s ages.

Each Chavurah has a Group Leader, a participant who volunteers to guide their group, along with support from our staff who help organize all the Chavurot. Every Chavurah decides for themselves when they’ll get together, what they’ll do, and if it’s in person, virtual, or both.

Your Chavurah might enjoy a fun day out and about, participate in a social action project, challenge each other to a game night, chat with our clergy, or throw a Chanukah party – the possibilities are endless! You can celebrate Shabbat together whether it’s in-person or virtually. Meet up anywhere, at someone’s home, a restaurant, the beach, or even on Zoom after viewing Shabbat Services for your own virtual oneg to schmooze and say hello.

Everyone Can Join

Complete this short registration form to be “matched up” with other members in a Chavurah! All new members and existing congregants are invited to take advantage of this fun, comfortable way to expand your connections within Temple Beth El.

Contact Rachael Rand at [email protected] for more information.