We Did It! Reproductive Rights qualified for the ballot in November!

The statewide coalition working to protect reproductive freedom in Florida – including Temple Beth El and RAC-Florida – exceeded the number of verified petitions required to get this amendment on the ballot!

1.4 MILLION PETITIONS were collected and over 911,000 have been verified, surpassing the 891,500 petition signatures required by the state to put a ballot initiative before voters. Click here to read the full text of the amendment.

Thank you!

Temple Beth El alone turned in 6675 petitions, thanks to the support of the Board of Trustees, clergy, temple staff and so many volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this happen. We walked our neighborhoods to collect signatures, brought petitions to card games, golf tournaments and tennis matches in our communities, were present at synagogue events and Shabbats, and every week, proofread, counted and drove petitions to the hub in West Palm Beach where they could be verified. Each week, people came to both campuses, sometimes dropping off 2 petitions and at times, 200. We donated our time and passion so that we could make a more fair and free Florida.

The petition initiative is over, what's next?

Voter Registration & Get Out the Vote

Getting enough votes to pass the amendment in the November 2024 election is key. First, we work to make sure that our friends, families and community members are registered to vote. Check your own voter registration, or share the link to register with anyone you can.

Vote by Mail

If you have not renewed your Vote by Mail request since the 2022 election, Florida law requires that you need to renew to get a vote by mail ballot in 2024. Click your county below to renew your Vote by Mail request.

RAC-FL Reproductive Freedom Debrief:
Signature Collection & Looking Ahead

Join RAC-FL (Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism) on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 from 7:30pm-8:30pm for an online meeting to reflect on the petition collection portion of the campaign. We will discuss lessons learned, celebrate our wins, and look ahead to November 2024. 

Over our five-decade history, Temple Beth El has been proud to work on causes that align with our Jewish values, helping those less fortunate in our community, and stand with allies to fight injustice in our country and the world. Our ballot initiative effort continues that tradition, and sets the stage for a very important year to come. We will continue to share ways that you can volunteer in the coming weeks and months.

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