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Shabbat Message
Vayikra: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Greg Weisman
This week we begin our reading of the Book of Leviticus. As any b’nai mitzvah from this time of the year can tell, you, the first several chapters of the book, while intricate and essential to our biblical ancestors, doesn’t leave much for us modern Jews. It deliberately and in
March 24, 2023
Shabbat Message
The Luck of the Jewish: Shabbat Message from Rabbi Jessica Spitalnic Mates
The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) in Worcester, Massachusetts or what my brother-in-law calls “The Irish Club,” starts celebrating St. Patrick’s Day over a week before March 17th. I started following the Worcester branch of The Ancient Order of the Hibernians on Facebook when my nephew did his bar mitzvah project
March 17, 2023
In the Words of Rabbi Singer
In the Words of Rabbi Singer – Issue #4
A regular blog series from Temple Beth El, bringing you moments of heart and insight from Rabbi Emeritus Merle E. Singer.What would life be if it were a simple path where all the intricate pieces perfectly fit? Just a simple path with no worry in sight. Some may ponder the
March 13, 2023
Shabbat Message
The Holiness of Shabbat: Shabbat Message by Rabbi Elana Rabishaw
One of my favorite parts of living in Israel was joining in with the hustle and bustle of Friday mornings in Jerusalem. Every market, grocery store, and bodega was full of people hurrying to get everything they needed for Shabbat. I stood in line at Lechem Shel Tomer (Tomer’s Bread),
March 10, 2023
Shabbat Message
Shabbat Message by Rabbi Dan Levin: The Human Behind The Mask
Route 60 in Israel is the main road that leads north from Jerusalem, through the northern hills of Samaria in the West Bank.  It is the artery that connects both Arab towns and Israeli settlements – shared by both Palestinians and Israelis. Last Sunday, two brothers, Hillel and Yagel Yaniv,
March 3, 2023
Shabbat Message
Shabbat Message by Rabbi Dan Levin: Hard Stones – Loving Hearts
The Kotel – the Western Wall – stands still. Unmoving. Unmoved. The privilege of my lifetime is that I get to regularly visit the Kotel. Those stones are familiar. On so many occasions, I have stood by that wall, laying my hands gently on the cool, Jerusalem limestone, pouring out my yearnings and
February 24, 2023
Press Releases
Adult Rockin’ 50s Purim Spiel
Boca Raton, FL (February 21, 2023) Join Temple Beth El of Boca Raton at their Schaefer Family Campus on March 6, 2023 at 7:00 pm for a Rockin’ 50’s Purim featuring your favorite melodies from Grease! That’s right, Achashveros is slicking his hair back to win over Esther in her poodle skirt!
February 23, 2023
Press Releases
Purim Spiel: Esther A Persian Musical
Temple Beth El of Boca Raton Features Religious School Students In Purim Spiel   Boca Raton, Fl (February 23, 2023) The community is invited to attend the Purim Spiel: Esther  A Persian Musical featuring the students of Temple Beth El of Boca Raton’s Religious School and directed by Barclay Performing
February 23, 2023
Shabbat Message
Reproductive Shabbat: Shabbat Message from Rabbi Jessica Spitalnic Mates
This week in our eighth-grade ethics class we started off by listening to songs by pop stars Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. The songs we listened to involved both young women defining themselves not by their characteristics, but by the men they had dated or will date in the future.
February 17, 2023